How to Order

*Note: If you have bought from us before fill in your Login details on the home page. To sign in use your email or username and password. You will not need to fill in your details unless they have changed.

Order Process

  • Select the item you would like to buy. (this is done by clicking on the item)
  • Click on the Add To Cart icon.
  • If you would like to continue shopping click on the Shop icon. Alternatively to end off and pay for your items click on the Proceed To Checkout icon.
  • Fill in your details so we can deliver to you.
  • Account Password: Simply makeup a password for your account and fill it in. Please remember your password so you can access your account next time. If you forget your password select that you have forgotten it and we will send you a new one to your email address.
  • Select Road Freight Express if you want us to deliver to you. Or if you want to fetch your order from our shop select Local Pickup.
  • Click on the box next to Accept Terms and Conditions once you have read the terms and conditions and are happy with them.
  • Click Place Order icon to conclude your transaction.

How to enter your details

  • City/Town: if you live in a major city such as Johannesburg, fill in Johannesburg.
  • Suburb: Select a suburb.
  • Location Type: select the type of building ie. Private House or Office Park
  • House/ Unit no: fill in the number of the house or unit.
  • Street name: fill in the street name.
  • Please fill in your First Name, Last Name, Cell no, Email Address. It is necessary to fill this in so we can contact you to deliver your purchase.
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